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Duck Season Thought And Suggestions

rVRclosetrVRcloset Posts: 393
This game is really well executed! The artstyle, graphics and the overall atmosphere is awesome. And it's taking me back to the late 80's when me and my brother used to rent NES games in the lokal video store!!
It's fun to play around with all the stuff and mini games in the livingroom, and the Duck season game setting and gameplay is also really good!

But I have two issues with the game. 
All the duck seasons / stages is all the same exept for the difficulty / amount of ducks flying off.
It would be nice if they would change the stages a bit, maybe make an alternating surrounding, add rain on one stage, and maybe different time of day. Could have one night stage with the pickup truck facing the pond, lighting up the ducks.

And then it's the storyline inbetween the duck seasons. 
I'm half way through my secound playthrough. The first time I never shot the dog, and this time I have shot him when ever I got a chanse from the start. But all the sequencees have been exatly the same so far, seemes it's only the ending that changes?
This is a bit sad, would be nice if the "Horror / creapy elements" (Haven't seen anything remotely scary yet.. .) would evolve quicker the sooner you shot the dog!

It's a short game, hardly an hour (depending on how you play it), but that's okay do to that it's 7 or so endings, which is great!
But when everything is exactly the same up the the last minutes it falls short, and becomes extremely repetitive and tedious!.. .

Devs! make a few changes to those two things, and it would add a lot more replayability value!
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  • MowTinMowTin Posts: 1,936 Valuable Player
    I saw an interview with the developer where he talks about how much work he put into getting the shotgun to feel right. But the game does look repetitive. Only shot gun? Shooting same ducks? 

    I'll wait until it's $10. A wave shooter with ducks. I'm only interested in this game because it seems well polished.

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  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,185
    The living room in this game is one of the best VR environments I've seen so far.


    If I could convince it to play video files from my PC, I could sit there all day watching TV.
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