Stream 360 video from my server to Unity Gear VR app. — Oculus
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Stream 360 video from my server to Unity Gear VR app.

mayank.pande.3mayank.pande.3 Posts: 10
edited September 2017 in Samsung Gear VR

I am working on a app, where we need to showcase various 360 videos to a player. 

I have created the player: 
- I created a sphere. 
- Placed camera in right position. 
- Applied texture. 

Now if I place the video in a local path, then it plays well. 

I want to stream the video to the same player in 360 format, so that user can watch multiple videos and also the app size is significantly low. 

Thanks for help !



  • solosailssolosails Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm interested in doing this also, did you get anywhere with the setup?
  • victorgeorgevictorgeorge Posts: 1
    edited June 2
    The reverse engineering and decoding the already published apps doing the same thing is the way to learn. There are lots of apps that are streaming content from the media hosted on other servers.
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