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Apocalypse Rider - A VR racing game without Motion Sickness

pekayattpekayatt Posts: 133 Oculus Start Member
Hi everyone, I am here presenting a new game for GearVR that I have worked in called Apocalypse Rider!

The main idea behind this game is that most of the time I get very dizzy playing almost any Racing game in VR, so we tried a lot to make the most comfortable game to play. Besides that, the team has discussed a lot how to make easy to control the game, without having gorilla arms because of touch the trackpad or forcing the player to have a gamepad.

Anyway, here are the teaser of the game:

And some screenshots:

The landing page of the game is: and the facebook page is:

And we have submitted the game to the store for approval. Hope you guys like it! Any comments or people willing to try the beta, just let me know!

Be real, even when virtual!


  • pekayattpekayatt Posts: 133 Oculus Start Member
    Just want to update you guys that our game has been launched!!!

    Here is the official link to the Store:

    Also, as a bonus here are some Keys to the game, hurry up and activate them first!


    Hope you guys enjoy it!

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