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new user - 360 photos and videos NOT working

stefan.rosenkranz.3stefan.rosenkranz.3 Posts: 1
edited September 2017 in Samsung Gear VR
Hi there, 

I got the chance to borrow the Oculus Rift from the company to try to setup some of my 3d models and to try to find an easy way to use it for the company...
so far I installed it and - not wanting to spend money the first evening - I downloaded the 'Oculus 360 photos' and the 'Oculus videos' app. 

So far I have tried a lot of times just to open these but I only get errors. the white loading screen (with the grid above and below) shows up and then it tries to load but fails.- Showing the 'the ... app is taking a long time to load, please check on the computer' message is shown and nothing ever happens. checking on the computer - I have no clue what to check for. it's not displaying any indication that something might be wrong. Do you have an idea what I might need to check to make it work?

so far, so very disappointing - aside from the first great impression... :neutral:

//edit: and as the forum is that clear to navigate I posted it to the wrong area... sorry for that!
btw: I checked the firewall setting (only using Windows Defender and there I even explicitely allowed the photos and videos app)
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