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Dual Champions: Two factions, One Champion! Coming October 3rd

HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 200 High Voltage Software
edited October 2017 in Dragon Front
New content alert!

Dual Faction Champions are coming to Dragon Front next Tuesday! These super Champions have sworn allegiance to two factions and can be played as the Champion for either! There will be 21 Champions in all, released over 21 weeks.

The Champs will be available to purchase for 2 weeks from their release date before disappearing from the store, so act fast! A season pass which will give you all 21 Champions as they are released at a discount will also be available for you Dragon Front overachievers. ;)

We'll release the stats of each Champion the day it comes out, so make sure to follow our social accounts for the full information.
Dragon Front for Desktop PC:

Update notes:

Update as of October 3, 2017

Rift: | Gear: | Facebook Gameroom:

  • Dual Faction Champions releasing! Get a new one once a week!
    • This Week is Etwas the Jester (1 of 21)-
      • Scales and Delirium
      • 5 Power/ 5 Health
      • END OF TURN: Randomly change the Health and Power of this unit. Replace a random card in the opponent's hand with a [0/2] Chum Creeper
  • Dual Champion Season Pass available, never miss a weekly release!
  • Portal Bug affecting Facebook Gameroom version fixed.
  • Unlocking an Anomaly Reward no longer causes a hang.

Card Updates:


  • Holding the Line– Changed functionality to, “Grant all ally units +4 Health until their next turn.”
    • Formerly: “Grant all ally units in a row +4 Health until their next turn.”
  • Merc Scrappers– Increased Power to 3.
    • Formerly: 2 Power
  • Machine Gun Nest– 2 Cost fort. Functionality changed to, “If this fort is occupied by an ally unit, enemy units cannot attack if they moved in this row.”
    • Formerly: 2 Cost fort. Functionality was, "Enemy units cannot attack if they moved in this lane."
  • Heavy Ordnance– Increased Cost to 3.
    • Formerly: Cost 2
  • First Aid– Reduced Cost to 0.
    • Formerly: Cost 1


  • Shade Manipulators– Changed functionality to, “BLIGHT. While in Enemy Territory, gain SIPHON 2.”
    • Formerly: "While in Enemy Territory, gain SIPHON 2."
  • Plague Marauder– Changed functionality to, “Randomly lose -1 to Health or Power each time an ally unit is destroyed.”
    • Formerly: "Loses -1/-1 each time an ally unit is destroyed."
  • Blight Tower– Reduced cost to 0.
    • Formerly: Cost 1
  • Death Syphon– Increased cost to 4.
    • Formerly: Cost 3


  • Renewal– Changed functionality to, "CHOOSE ONE: HEAL an ally unit for 3 -or- HEAL your Stronghold for 3."
    • Formerly: "CHOOSE ONE: HEAL an ally unit for 2 -or- HEAL your Stronghold for 2."


  • Blaze of Glory– Reduced cost to 4.
    • Formerly: Cost 5
  • Serpent Whisper– Increased Health to 3.
    • Formerly: Health 2


  • Netherworld Prowlers– Reduced Mana granted when revealed from STEALTH to 1.
    • Formerly: Granted 2 mana when revealed from STEALTH.
  • Tracked Movements– Reduced cost to 0.
    • Formerly: Cost 1
  • Dampening Field– Changed functionality to, “TRAP: HUSH. When this fort applies HUSHED to a unit there is a 50% chance it will be destroyed.”
    • Formerly: "START OF TURN: HUSH occupying enemy units."
  • Master Alchemists– Changed functionality to, “SPAWN: Enemy non-Champion units in this lane become POISONED.”
    • Formerly: "SPAWN: Enemy units in this lane become POISONED"


  • Glossy Reflections– Cost raised to 3 and changed functionality to, “START OF TURN: If occupied by an ally, add a random fort to your hand.”
    • Formerly: Cost 2. Functionality was, "Whenever your opponent plays a fort, gain a duplicate in your hand."

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