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Wireless Headphones to Use w/ Rift?

xanderdavisxanderdavis Posts: 87
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edited December 2013 in General
Getting tangled with cords while trying to stand and twist around in VR has been a bit annoying. I believe Palmer mentioned wireless is a possibility for a future version of the Rift, but the main aggitator is actually my Sennheiser headphone cord.

So I'm thinking of getting wireless headphones. Sweetwater (pro audio retailer) only had one type, Sennheisers, but they're a bit pricey. Not horrible, but not super-affordable.

Anyone have any suggestions? Ideally the noise-canceling kind that wrap around your entire ear ("closed") so you are put more into a VR bubble.
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  • SMOK3YSMOK3Y Posts: 259
    havent got me rift yet but i use both versions of the PS3 wireless headset. only stereo for PC but cheap as chips :D

  • I've been using the Sennheiser RS160 setup for the last month, and recommend it. I bought a refurb. on Amazon for just over a hundred bucks, as well as an extra headset (new) on eBay. The refurb. looked brand new. Take the plunge.
  • xanderdavisxanderdavis Posts: 87
    Hiro Protagonist
  • jasonatokcjasonatokc Posts: 353
    I will spend my hard earned money on wired until / if there is a wireless Rift. More bang for your buck less problems.
  • ForeigndevilForeigndevil Posts: 2
    I've been using my Astro A50 cans myself and couldn't be happier. They are a bit pricey, but they are made for the PC, and you might be able to find a deal (got my pair on Craigslist for $200).

    I've tried using wireless headphones in the past, and was always irritated by the distortion & wireless frequency white noise. The Astros don't have any of that. I haven't tried the other recent Sony/Sennheiser recent offerings though.
  • xanderdavisxanderdavis Posts: 87
    Hiro Protagonist
    I ended up picking up the Sennheiser RS160's and have been really happy with them too. :)
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  • danworlddanworld Posts: 127
    Thanks for the tip on the Sennheiser's. I just picked up the RS 170.

    I was going to get the RS 160, then I saw the RS 170. It comes with a charging stand and has built in surround sound (maybe good with VR). There's an RS 180 too but that doesn't close off your ear like the other designs, it has a sound-leveling feature which we may not want (it helps make commercials not too loud), and it's quite a bit more expensive.
  • DonGateleyDonGateley Posts: 30
    If you don't mind having an Android phone in your pocket, any 'phones can be make wireless over WiFi using this:

    Hard to find a less expensive, more accurate or more flexible solution if you have a WiFi router. I haven't tried to find out if it can be used with just a WiFi capable computer.

    I use it all the time for music since it is full audio bandwidth and not compressed. It does introduce some latency, however, which limits its usefulness for movies. It's not terribly bad though and I'm not sure how much a few tenths of a second audio latency would impact gaming.

    Not sure either if there is a version of it for iPhone or a server for the Mac.
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  • TboneTbone Posts: 321
    Logitech G930 on Amazon

    Got this for Christmas. 7.1 surround sound, wireless, and a good price!
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  • ceglicegli Posts: 436
    I'm hopefully getting a pair of Sennheiser RS 180s for Christmas. You definitely want open headphones if you can afford them. The imaging is so much better and the sounds is much more realistic. Closed heaphones sound like you are wearing headphones. Open headphones almost sound like the sound is actually coming from the room.
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