Health and Safety video keeps showing on Oculus Home Start — Oculus
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Health and Safety video keeps showing on Oculus Home Start

OneTooOneToo Posts: 17
edited October 2017 in Support
I have a Dk2.  I know it's not officially supported but I'm having issues with Oculus Home.  I reformated my computer and reinstalled everything and now I can't stop the health and safety video from starting up every time I start Oculus Home.  The setup your oculus rift blue bar is constantly appearing also. 

With previous runtimes (I'm on 1.18), I could skip the setup with no negative effects.  It seems the video and setup is linked.  When I put on the headset while the video is playing, there's a message about the rift not being setup yet.

Another issue is, every time I restart my machine, unknown devices is unchecked again.  I had that particular issue with 1.17 before the reformat and update.  I don't have an online connection currently (using phone).  Is that related?  

I have the latest Nvidia drivers and the latest win OS 10 updates.  The dk2 functions once I get past the repetitive annoyances.  Can anyone assist me?.


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