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Sound volume significantly lower than it used to be

FloatharrFloatharr Posts: 5
I used to keep my rift volume at around 10-30% depending on content, 30% usually being uncomfortably loud. Now I find myself regularly bumping it to 100% wishing it would go higher, I could easily see myself needing 150-200%. I believe this happened after one of the 1.19 beta updates a week or two ago. I can't think of any other reason why something like that would change besides an undocumented beta update.

For the time being I've unscrewed my rift headphones and started using my usual wired headphones since the volume goes as loud as I need it.


  • storuanpdstoruanpd Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem, although it took me many more months to get sick of this.
    I can't play the rift properly as it's not loud enough. I much prefered having it at 10-30% like Floatharr so that if i need it louder, I can have it.

    Can oculus support chime in on this issue?
  • IlIfadeIlIIlIfadeIlI Posts: 31
    Brain Burst
    This is probably something they did with software.  Happened to me too.
  • shibbidydibbidyshibbidydibbidy Posts: 1
    My volume just lowered. I have it max and it won’t get nearly as loud as it used to. How do I fix this?! Ive restarted. Unplugged and replugged it. 
    I got my Rift 3 weeks ago, and last week my rifts audio dropped significantly, beforehand 10% was pretty damn loud, now 100% isn't even loud enough.
  • stormleaderstormleader Posts: 1
    Same here. Volume is really low and it is at 100% Having this problem it's being 2 or 3 months already. Tried playing with volume settings in  windows sound settings, but that changes nothing...
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 1,457
    edited April 13
    My Rift Mic gets bypassed when in Elite whilst my old Music DAW card comsumes all available Channels via WDM so I disable it and it works again. I don't use internal sound streaming into Music DAW as it happens unless I wished it.

    I also noticed in the past some clashes of Sound levels from my previous chosen ones I'd set to BOOST. It hadn't made the proper menu selection when I had only copied over the Game Settings/Saves/Config Binds etc. fully as though it didn't switch. Also ppl reported my Mic was low but this actually happens at various times when using AGC (AutoGainControl) even though you set Level on Max it will adjust as it is used. Now if you're playing Music whilst ingame headphones then the mic will hear that + voice and take the peaks to average it out, thus your voice will be lower! Or if you have a FAN blowing on your mic!!!

    However, I also noticed the HD Audio Driver I use to bypass 5.1 Only Option Realtek Driver with added Wave Max (stupid enhancer that Pros do NOT want!) and set back to Stereo, that it also adds a Mic and Headphone that are UNPLUGGED but using resources. You can DISABLE them also just in case they too take up some bandwidth channels.

    Rift Mic is set to Default Device when gaming whilst other Mics/Cam are set to Default Coms
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