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Oculus Touch accessibility for people with hand tremors

TenaciousMeTenaciousMe Posts: 5
I have essential tremor which makes my hands shake, which makes the touch controllers hard to use in some circumstances, especially apps that use the controller like a "laser pointer" including the main Oculus app which uses the laser pointer technique for clicking on buttons. It affects all six degrees of freedom, but particularly the rotations.

Request to Oculus devs: It would be awesome if Touch had a tremor-reduction option. For an app I'm building I'm adding a tremor-reduction option, but I think this should really be a built-in accessibility option.

It should be done carefully for best results. For example, an easy way to do it is to just low-pass filter the position and rotation values, but this results in a feeling of lag or floatiness. Instead, I'm low-pass filtering position/rotation changes that are smaller than a certain noise threshold, but if a change is larger than the threshold I accept the new values without any filtering. That way a legitimate motion is reflected immediately without lag, and only the fine detail motions have lag introduced.


  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 7,030 Valuable Player
    That's a good idea. I have hand tremors due to my depression, but they're not bad enough to stop me from playing games. Would be good to see something like your solution become part of the OculusSDK and become an option to turn on and off in the Settings in the Oculus App. Would mean that Parkinson's Disease sufferers would be able to use VR.
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  • kzintzikzintzi Posts: 1,068
    this is an awesome idea - I hope they add something like this.

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  • SiilkSiilk Posts: 112
    I have no hand tremor but tell you what, using the "laser pointer" cursor for precise actions is bloody hard. Given controllers are quite light, every twitch of a hand will result in a noticeable movement of the "cursor", especially when buttons are placed far enough in VR so the "laser pointer" beam becomes long amplifying the twitches into high heaven.

    What we need is a variable cursor smoothing(not unlike mouse smoothing used in some games) where actual cursor will be lagging slightly behind the laser pointer while having some inertia to it. That way most twitchy hand motions will be smoothed out out allowing precise and smooth control.
  • SpanishkaySpanishkay Posts: 1
    I 5th TenaciousMe's comment. Using the pointer is very difficult with an unsteady hand. 
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