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HELP... Arktika 1. stuck on training missions

maxscanmaxscan Posts: 1
OK... this is so embarrassing. I cant get past the VR training missions...

I put on the headset... complete mission 1 then 2 and then 3... at the end of mission 3 is says "mission 3" complete. There is no option for mission 4. Is there a mission 4? why cant I access it? 

What do I do... If i take off the VR headset (not the real one/ the VR VR headset) I am back in the shooting gallery with the helpful lady starring at me... waiting for something to happen... I dont know how to move on!? can someone please 


  • MowTinMowTin Posts: 1,125
    edited October 2017
    Post your question in one of  the other Arktika.1 help threads. We can't have a thread for every single question. 

    I answered your question here:
  • Jeremie.GaboldeJeremie.Gabolde Posts: 2
    You must holster your guns in order to teleport in the elevator and continue
  • jo_0jo_0 Posts: 1
    And yeah I'll chime in for those finding this thread that just didn't hear any instructions on 'removing the VR VR headset' but basically yeah don't forget that you can reach up to the region of your ACTUAL headset, the headset hologram will appear, and use the middle trigger grab to remove your VIRTUAL headset. I feel like the UX could have left 1 instructional graphic at all times to remind players.. anyway that's your way out.
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