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Large Room Scale Project

lucasabbadiniarlucasabbadiniar Posts: 2

Hello everybody,

it's my first post, so sorry if I'm doing something wrong.

During the next month I’m going to work on a VR project for an exhibition (developed in UE4) and I’d like to hear your thoughts about it.

-The project:

The project will be an archviz VR interior scene (room scale experience) based on a new building method we are developing.


8m long x 2m wide x 6m high (I hope I can hang the computer to something lower)


I already had issues (in older projects) connecting the sensors to my pc (they only work on 2 out of 9 usb ports) so I think I’ll have to buy a pci usb card (3.0), that said, did anyone succeed to connect more than 3 sensors to a single pc?

I’ll also have to use extensions between PC/HMD and PC/sensors, I have read on forums that someone managed to do something like this. Is there anyone here who succeeded to do this? Is there any reliable setup I can be sure it’ll work?

Will it be difficult to set the VR scene to match almost perfectly the real space?

More in general, what problems do you think I’m most likely going to face?

I’d like to know your thoughts and suggestions on this and if you want I can share my progress while doing it.

Thank you so much,




  • kevinw729kevinw729 Posts: 2,819
    - OptiTrack
    - HP Backpack PC(s)
    - Oculus VR CV1 (Commercial Edition)

    Good luck.
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  • lucasabbadiniarlucasabbadiniar Posts: 2
    Thank you for answering me.
    I'll look at what you suggesting, but I'm afraid my budget is not enough for all this stuff.
    Still, thank you again.
  • elbofforelboffor Posts: 2,337 Valuable Player
    4 sensors work fine.
    The main issue you will fave is the 8m length of your play area. Pretty sure you wont be able to get that working. 

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