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Hide your Rifts, Windows Fall Creators Update is coming



  • RoasterRoaster Posts: 1,053
    MowTin said:
    After I installed it my Rift was fine except it asked me to redo my setup but my system became unstable.

    For example, I unplugged my gamepad and my system crashed. Or when I switched my monitors to my bigger 4K TV it crashed. Stuff like that. 

    Actually, Steam VR games would crash repeatedly. So, I reverted. 

    Are the people reporting no problem using Steam VR for some games?
    No problems so far.  Everything is working fine on 1709.
    i7-5820K @ 4.2Ghz, water cooled, Asus X99-Pro USB 3.1, 48 Gb DDR4 2400, Samsung 950 pro M.2 SSD, GTX 980 Ti SC, 750w psu
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