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Oculus Demo mode background image.

DanoKablamoDanoKablamo Posts: 5 Oculus Start Member
I'm a developer at a tradeshow. Today is the 3rd day. I have 3 games on Oculus store and I'm demoing them to everyone here.
The fact that you can't change the wallpaper of Demo mode is KILLING ME.
I end up having to tell nearly everyone that walks by that, NO I did NOT make the climb, I'm showing off these humble indie games here, and then they look disappointed.
PLEASE add the option to select a specific background image from each game's art assets or even a custom image would be completely fine.  But as now, I either have people wanting to play my entire library or thinking I made The Climb.
I'm evangelizing Oculus all day to people, telling them all about how the Touch controllers center of gravity is inside your fist while the vive controllers feel like you are swinging hammers. Please let us choose what games to advertise on our screens at tradeshows!  Thank you!

If this is the wrong place to bring this issue up, please direct me to the correct place. :smile:
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