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Question: Multiplier setting on rotational headset movement?

J0denJ0den Posts: 1

I have a neck injury that keeps me from properly looking over my own shoulder, and figured a quick solution would be to multiply rotational movement around the Y-axis, so that turning my head 15 degrees would effectively give me 30 degrees movement ingame. I realise moving away from a 1:1 ratio may cause nausea, but I am willing to deal with that, if the increase in rotation speed significantly improves on my seated gaming experience using the Rift.

Is there a config file that can be opened in notepad or something similar, so that this can be easily changed?

Best regards


  • KmanWeberKmanWeber Posts: 1
    Did you ever get a repose?  I have the same question/issue.  I was even hoping you could use a controller for POV.
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