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Don't check back the whole download file integrity after each pause ?

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,277
So I purchased a ~15Go game on the Oculus Store, and my download speed is 1Go/hour so that's a 15 hour download. So far so good.

My problem is that every time I would pause the download a bit, or use the CV1 (which automatically pauses the download for me), then the download wouldn't resume until the file integrity of the whole 15Go game was checked back, which would take a few minutes to complete every time I resumed the download.

So it's OK to check back the file integrity after each time I close down and reload the Oculus Store interface... But maybe remove the requirement to recheck the whole (15 Go...) file download integrity each time we do a simple pause (at least as an option, or as the only default way it should work really).
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