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can't draw play area in 1.20 beta

davidmi58davidmi58 Posts: 31
Brain Burst
I have had my rift for more than a year and running without issues. Since the 1.19 update I have been having some trouble with disconnects. I rolled back to an earlier Nvidia driver and that seems to have helped. Yesterday, the new update rolled out since I am on the beta branch. Now I notice that my play area is messed up so I go to reset the sensor tracking. Everything goes fine until I get to the part where you draw out your play area. I can see both Touch controllers on the screen but I can't draw my play area. The icon representing the controller does not move and pressing the trigger does nothing. I wish I could roll back to 1.18 before all this started happening but my Rift is now useless to me. 
Anyone got a clue?
Thanks for any help. 
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