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Improving the "permanent" Guardian Wall : Textures

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,277
edited October 2017 in General
I would like to be able choose my own five textures, for the four "permanent" Guardian Walls and their floor.

Examples of applications :
- In a game that allows me to fly, I could replace the floor texture with a magic carpet texture, of the exact size as my VR space.
- In a Zombie wave shooter, I could apply an "ankle high" wall texture around me (with the top of those wall textures being left transparent), allowing me to move faster and freely around my room with less risk of triggering an immersion breaking full Guardian Wall alert, and without having the default "permanent" Guardian Wall light-cage texture wreaking my immersion.
- I could take pictures of my own room (4 walls and floor), and use them as the "permanent" Guardian Wall textures, which I could use as a simplified form of Augmented Reality in room scale games (like having giant spiders pop out of my own floor and walls), or in void background games and applications like the VOID THEATER setting in OCULUS VIDEO, in which I could replace the void background with my own "permanent" Guardian Wall room textures, giving the impression of having a giant screen in my very own room.
- I could make the front wall texture transparent, and maybe make (half of the) right side and left side wall textures transparent too... so I could play the default "dual front facing sensor" games with the "permanent" Guardian wall only being displayed behind me, allowing me to notice right away if I'm turning around too much (before I lose tracking, and receive a more immersion breaking application warning that I must turn back frontward).

And of course, when the user does get close to the Guardian Wall limits, it still lightens up under it's current highly intrusive full laser cage form with no textures applied as usual, regardless of what texture settings you are using for it's "permanent" version.

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