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Improving the "permanent" Guardian Wall : Placing 3D objects as in-game border markers that blend in

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,277
edited October 2017 in General
The "permanent" Guardian Wall is a very useful feature, but it is typically too immersion breaking to be left switched on, with most users (everyone ?) preferring to leave it switched off (despite the safety warning about not switching it off).

This feature request, is about allowing users to place 3D objects as part of the Guardian Wall setup : 3D objects that permanently appear in-game (like the Oculus sensors sometimes do), to be used as permanent visual in-game queues of where the real life border walls are, while blending in with the VR environment much better then the "permanent" Guardian Wall light cage can.

So let's say you have virtual "fencing sticks", you plant them around you during the Guardian wall setup, and from there, they can be switched on or switched off, to permanently appear directly inside the VR application you are using.

The basic pattern would to plant each one in the four corners of your rectangular VR space, but you could plant as many as you want, including in a circular pattern, and even place them horizontally floating in space (like the circular top loop of a VR treadmill), because as 3D objects you can place them in whatever position you want, and they will then appear in any VR application you launch, together or as the replacement replacement for the too immersion breaking "permanent" Guardian Wall.

Instead of just wooden fencing sticks, it could be giant light sticks in SPACE PIRATE TRAINER so they blend in better, or stones in a zombie wave shooter so the zombies don't clip as much through them, or small flying drones in Echo Arena or Robo Recall so they "appear" to be following you around in games with 1st person locomotion, or medieval torches you can plant in the walls of a room scale escape the room dungeon... But just having virtual fencing stakes available would be a good start to try out this Feature Request.

And of course, when the user gets too close to the Guardian Wall limits, it then lightens up under it's current highly intrusive full laser cage form as usual, even if the "permanent" Guardian Wall option has been switched off.

Improving the "permanent" Guardian Wall : Placing 3D objects as in-game border markers that blend in 6 votes

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