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WebVR, Rifting, and Development

ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 16,803 Valuable Player
edited October 2017 in General

Being able to engage in VR using our Web Browsers (WebVR) has been a challenge since its inception in 2016. However, now as we head in to 2018 things seem to be advancing quite well in terms of compatibility and stability. I decided to re-visit WebVR both for Entertainment and Development purposes. I am approaching the Development aspect of WebVR as "simplistic" in nature: it should be as easy as building a basic HTML page. I view WebVR as the new standard for Web Browsing (we just aren't there quite yet).

To begin, these are steps I've taken to confirm WebVR compatibility with the Oculus Rift:
  1. Completely uninstalled FireFox from the local machine.
  2. Perform a fresh install of FireFox:
  3. Launch FireFox and choose the "Refresh" option for good measure:
  4. Test out WebVR using the sample application, A-Blast:

Current Issues:
  • When you experience any single WebVR application with the Rift, trying to load it again (or load another application) doesn't always work.
  • Sometimes the WebVR experience attempts to load, but then you are brought back to Oculus Home.
  • Resolution: Simply close out all instances of your FireFox browser and relaunch it.

I'm focusing WebVR Development efforts with A-Frame:

My current project is simply called, "Space." It is something I will be using to test out WebVR's capabilities with the Rift for more than just gaming:
Feedback and ideas welcome!
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  • ronchoqaronchoqa Posts: 1
    Is there a specific  settings to set up rift with WebVR. I'm still having trouble using latest firefox to view my Aframe web app.

    As in when i click on [o o] the firefox app gets kicked off on on the oculus. But Nothing happens  :(

    "I just wane code in VR!" #toohard

  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 16,803 Valuable Player
    As long as your are logged in to Oculus Home ahead of time then the Rift should automatically load the WebVR application. If nothing happens at all then make sure you have clicked the "unknown sources" option in the Settings:

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  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 8,051 Valuable Player
    I just tried looking at my sci-fi crate in VR on the SketchFab site. Looks great but I think those are 4K textures and the bloody thing is HUGE lol. That's the first time I've used the VR part of Firefox, I normally use Chrome because Firefox is as slow as fuck.

    Might jump into the Unreal Engine and see it at its proper size and with 1K textures just to see how it looks during the next few days.
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