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Improving the Guardian Wall

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,277
edited November 2017 in Support
I'd like to add the option to switch off the Guardian Wall for the Touch controllers, while keeping it switched on for the CV1 headset.

This is how things work in the much polished "Wilson's Heart" game, and it is so much better at preventing accidents (crashing your hand into a wall too fast for the default Guardian Wall to kick in to prevent it), then the primitive and even dangerous way the default Oculus Guardian Wall has been set to work since it was first introduced and never updated a year ago...

Basically I want to configure the Guardian Wall to trigger as soon as my body (my headset)  moves too far from the center (within striking distance of the walls), instead of only triggering after my body has already been allowed to unsafely move too close to the borders and my punch is about to go straight through the Guardian wall (and land right into my real wall).


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