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Shipping Times for Returns

werelambwerelamb Posts: 29
Brain Burst
Hi, I recently had to return my Rift after it developed audio issues after less then 3 month of use. My question is does anyone know what the typical times are for returns processing and shipping of a replacement?
One of the initial emails I got said a replacement would be shipped within 1-3 days of them receiving the returned product, however the same email said I would receive updates from them once the product had been inspected. I got my UPS delivery confirmation more than 3 days ago, but haven't received any updates regarding either result of product inspection or status of replacement.
In my orders it says 1 Rift Bundle €0.00 with tracking to be issued when shipped, however this isn't updating either. Anyone else have to do a return and know the usual return times? Or should I expect a huge pre-christmas delay in processing as with the summer orders? I have a feeling if I'd returned it directly to amazon who have next day shipping instead of to oculus I'd probably have a replacement by now??


  • flexy123flexy123 Posts: 793
    edited November 2017
    When I did it a week or so ago, it was very fast.
    The unit arrived in the receiving center on a Friday noonish, and replacement unit was sent out early Tuesday. So I'd expect 3 or so days once they get it.. (Mind you there was a weekend in between in my case). Couldn't be faster.
  • metaphysicsmetaphysics Posts: 3
    Lucky you. I've been waiting for a month now since it was received and nothing. 
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