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Working DK2 on 1.19 logs

jlschaperjlschaper Posts: 1
This may seem odd, but is there anyone who has their DK2 working in direct mode (preferably on NVidia card) willing to post their logs? Particularly the server output.  I'm trying to get one working on Win 10.1703 (Creators Update but not "Fall Creators Update") Pro on a GTX1050 Ti.  Everything checks out (green for sensor, HMD, and controller in Home), tracking works, and renders to the main display (monitor window), except HMD LED remains orange.  A couple of things in log may be relevant, but I don't know if they are as not too sure what they should be like.
It would be nice to get this up and running - if the DK2 doesn't work I don't hold out much hope for the CV1.
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