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looking for testers - orbtrain

hyr77hyr77 Posts: 4 Oculus Start Member
Hy, I just uploaded my first VR game Orbtrain to the alpha channel. "Working" on it in my spare time for two years was fun, now I´ am looking for folks who would like to check it out. If you want to, please PM me your Oculus email adress, I will add you to the alpha channel. 

The game is fully tested and functional with 20 levels, so you get a full game and an entry on your good deeds list, you would really help me! I´am especially interessed in the following:
  • does it start on your computer?
  • can you handle the controls, or should they get tuned?
  • are there any game parameters which you want to set?

Best Answer

  • hyr77hyr77 Posts: 4 Oculus Start Member
    Accepted Answer
    Test phase 1 has ended. Many thanks to all testers! The test results are, that it was too difficult to drive on the racetrack for the average or even advanced gamer. Because of this, these are the most important improvements:
    • in beginner drive mode the car drives automatically through corners, you have just to change the lane. In advanced drive mode, you drive yourself, but there is a semi automatic drive assistant system, so driving is easier.
    • if you leave the racetrack, you will be automatically set back on it and drive on.
    • the design of all racetracks was reviewed, now it´s easier to drive on the racetracks.
    • to detach orbtrain elements or to destroy obstacles, you just have to look at them. you don´t have to pull a trigger to shoot anymore.

    The game looks like this now:


  • FieldOfVisionFieldOfVision Posts: 211 Oculus Start Member
    @hyr77 I'd be happy to test your game. It looks crazy awesome!
    As an indie developer myself I'm always looking for people to test my games. So I'll return the favor! And when my next game is ready (soon!) I'll post as well to find some testers.
    I'll PM you my Oculus email address. 

    Latest VR game: Crazy Kung Fu
    Other games: www.FieldOf.Vision
  • hyr77hyr77 Posts: 4 Oculus Start Member
    edited November 2017
    @FieldOfVision Reading your comment was fun, thank you. I´am looking forward to check out your project anytime, just PM me. I added you to the alpha channel users, oculus will send you an invitation. I will mark this question as unanswered, because some more testers would be great. Are there any more folks out there who would like to test this project? 
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