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Where does Oculus games save their progress?

Fri13Fri13 Posts: 56
Hiro Protagonist

All my games just went "puff" in the cloud....

I have had for a couple months now got the updates "Downloading Oculus Update" etc but it never goes anywhere, it never receive any update or "finished updating" etc. 
Yesterday I noticed that there was in settings a "Downloading updates 1/11" or something, signaling that none of the updates has never been downloaded or installed. 

As the new 1.20 update added something and there was now the new feature to get games on other drive than C:!!!!!!! (Oculus, Really? From the begin of the DK1 it should have been standard that you offer the change to select WHERE to save the data!)

So I started to seek little about how the games progress were saved, finding almost zero information at all. 

Reason for this was that I couldn't run OculusSetup.exe as I had only a 7GiB free on C: drive and didn't remember that setup fails if there ain't at least 12GiB free, that I found out after couple times trying to rerun the setup. So I deleted some simulator files worth of 98GiB and then proceeded for setup. 

Got the setup started, selected the new drive and got installer go to "Installing" for half way and then it crashed, restarted the installation and it went through.

But now I don't have any game installed, all are gone so I need to download tens of gibibytes worth of data over now current only LTE (max 400-600KiB/s at night) and I am afraid that all my saves are gone as I can't find them from standard "C:\Users\UserName\Saved Games" directory!!!! 
AppData directory is empty as well....

So where are all the data? Are they really embedded to one directory and if you uninstall game or Oculus software cause bug, all is just gone? 

Oculus, if it is so, CHANGE IT IN NEXT UPDATE! All the saves should go to standard directory and only there. Directory as "C:\Users\UserName\Saved Games\Oculus\GameName\" so player can back up, copy or delete them and if you uninstall game to get space, it doesn't lose progress!


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