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Is using the rift on multiple computers supported?

T_BagginsT_Baggins Posts: 1
Hey there, 

I have an Oculus Rift and i was wondering if its supported using the same headset on multiple computers or if that causes issues. 

Basically I have a main rig upstairs at my desk, and a dedicated VR rig for room space experience, however, whenever i unplug the headset and a couple sensors from my VR Rig, and plug it into my main rig, it makes me do the Oculus setup all over again and vice versa, once i move it back from my main rig to my VR rig, it once again makes me run through the entire set up process again.  Happens every time, whether its been moved for 30 minutes or 3 days. It makes me run through the entire setup again, from pairing the controllers and setting up the guardian to the rift tutorial and trailer opening experience....   Pressing "skip" leaves me with a rift that says "configure your rift" with none of the settings that were set previously being there and tracking is off and the guardian asks to be setup... 

Surely the setup isn't saved in the headset or the sensors? 

Am i doing something wrong?  Is there something I should be doing? Can i export / save my settings and then re-import them to save some time and effort? Is there a way to stop this from occurring or am i doing something unsupported? 

Any help that someone can offer would be great, 


- Baggins


  • AQfumesAQfumes Posts: 133
    I use my Rift on my desktop and switch it to my laptop when I play in another room or leave to play at a friend's house, and yes, you have to run the sensor setup each time you play in a new location. 

    The headset does not save the senor locations for previous areas around your home. You don't have to run a full setup. Run the "sensor setup" option in settings and make sure the controllers are powered on before you start and it won't take you through all the steps and opening demo only sensor re-positioning and guardian. 

    I move my play space around a lot and this is the only option I have each time. I know it can be a nuisance but I got use to it and it takes less than a minute. 
  • KevinakiKevinaki Posts: 222
    Nexus 6
    Yes it is. I use one of my Rifts in the office on one PC and use it on another PC in the basement when I want more room. I also have sensors and Touch controllers dedicated to each area so I just move the Rift, plug it in, and do quick configurations if I have to before getting started. 
  • SilentSSSilentSS Posts: 1
    A little late, but you can use multi-accounts of oculus, you will not keep your games of course, so you should buy only on steam, not on oculus.
  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 6,933 Valuable Player
    edited August 2019
    If this is an Oculus Rift CV1, which I suspect it is because you mention unplugging sensors. Then you will have to set the Guardian up again on another computer if the sensors are moved. The sensors and guardian will need to be configured just like any other device does another computer.
    When you think about it your guardian is there to stop you falling out of a window, bumping into a wall or smashing your television etc. So that's you have to setup the guardian up for each room. How is the Oculus CV1 going to know which room you are playing in?
  • Posts: 12
    SilentSS Does this mean that you cannot install multiple copies of the same, owned, game for different computers--if purchased through Oculus? That would be a bummer if only Steam allows this.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,001 Volunteer Moderator
    SilentSS Does this mean that you cannot install multiple copies of the same, owned, game for different computers--if purchased through Oculus? That would be a bummer if only Steam allows this.
    You can have multiple copies of the same game on different computers, as long as you use the same account (that bought the original). I've got Oculus store games installed on both my desktop at home and my laptop at work.

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