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vorpX - Rift 3D-Driver

ralfalralfal Posts: 191
edited April 2013 in Showcase
vorpX is a stereoscopic 3d-driver that allows you to play existing games on the Rift. It is specifically geared towards the Rift and offers various features to tackle inherent issues that arise when you play games on the Rift that are not designed for the device. May sound like an empty phrase, but vorpX truly is software for gamers by gamers.

vorpX started as a small sparetime project last September primarily for my own use, and so far is developed with a DIY-prototype similar to the official Oculus prototypes. After having invested hundreds of hours into it, I eventually decided to make it a commercial project though. Giving it away for free somehow didn't feel right anymore beyond a certain amount of invested time... :)

While the project is still in development, vorpX will be available shortly after my devkit arrives. More detailed information can be found at .


  • PewPewKPewPewK Posts: 11
    I look forward to seeing your project go live. It should be a nice temporary solution for a lot of games while we wait for native support.

    I'm particularly interested in your Mass Effect 2/3 implementation. I really want to see how TPS games work within the Rift.
  • MrGeddingsMrGeddings Posts: 604
    Im very excited for the project and encouraged to see the preview list already some nice games support! I am sad to see that it was more or less pulled from a certain other forum.... but either way hopefully a lot of dev kit owners will find out about it and get it :-)
  • GeraldGerald Posts: 1,068
    Nexus 6
    I am so looking forward to buying a copy to try out games like Assasins Creed and get the feeling of being the Angel that guides them (at least that is what I expect), also I hope it will run well with some of the RTS games - especially though I am looking forward to see if indie games like Tri will work fine.

    Keep us posted on progress (good blog btw) and I hope you will get your Rift soon.
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  • JeppeJeppe Posts: 34
    Really looking forward to your driver! I was glad to see that STALKER: Call of Pripyat is in your list of supported games. Is there any possibility that the first game in the series, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, will get support as well? I really love that game and it would be so awesome to experience it in the Rift :)
  • dwilddwild Posts: 2
    I will buy your driver for sure(Except if it cost more than 80$...). Being able to play Myst V with the Oculus will be amazing!
  • VRMatthewVRMatthew Posts: 98
    I just purchased BioShock Infinite last night almost begrudgingly to tie me over until my Rift arrives which may take up to 6 weeks :-(. Now I am going to have to put this in the "wait to play on the Rift" pile after reading you comment on your site about it. I love Ken's games as the exploration and theming are top notch and viewing his latest world in VR will for sure draw you in even more. I wonder what the sense of space will be like under water in the original Bioshock?

    I am curious what sort of issues are also going to develop when we add VR to a non VR game. I suspect all of us developers are going to learn a lot from your drivers.

    Looking forward to trying your drivers out,
  • jayohjayoh Posts: 98
    Hiro Protagonist
    if you need help testing, hit me up.
  • I'll be hooking in.... awesome..
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