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Oculus Rift Orange Light No Display; Known Good Rift

GRUsturmovikGRUsturmovik Posts: 6
edited November 2017 in Support
Hello all, I've just gotten my rift and it worked fine on my family PC (win 10, GTX 970). I remember I had to update the drivers on that computer to fix this issue, which had happened previously. Knowing that, I installed the Rift on my gaming PC(win 10, R9 360), but for some reason that fix no longer works. I used to DP to HDMI adapter (not for a fix, but for lack of HDMI ports) and still use that setup. I have tried swapping the DP and HDMI for my monitor and rift, but to no avail. I have check all drivers I can think of-- USB, OS, Oculus, GPU-- and even when updated Rift still did not. I have swapped around USB ports, too. I have only 2 3.0, so I have a hub for my sensors and connect the Rift by itself.


  • GRUsturmovikGRUsturmovik Posts: 6
    Further Information: All of my Rift devices are being detected by the Rift software no matter how I mess with them (Thankfully). I have also inspected all of my cables in use, and check all of my ports, all checked good. I can hear the audio from games or the home screen. If I launch a game and put my finger over the sensor, I can move the camera about like it should on my monitor. When I do this, the orange light goes out, but the white light NEVER comes on. I have a suspicion that the problem lies in my software configuration, but I have no clue as to what it may be. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  • GRUsturmovikGRUsturmovik Posts: 6
    Here is a more straightforward list of things I've done:
    --Update GPU Drivers
    --Update USB Drivers
    --Update OS
    --Swap around USB Ports
    --Swap around DP/HDMI Ports
    --Check Connectors
    --Reinstall Oculus Software
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