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Rift disconnects and sensor

SioxSiox Posts: 1
So I had some disconnects from my head gear and sensor but have seen to fix for now by only putting two sensors on my 3.0 sub and head gear on my 3.1 I have dropped 3rd sensor for now and had no issues for 3 days I will be adding my 3rd either by 2.0 or maybe a high speed expantion sub but have read that more then 2 sensors on one hub is bad due to bandwidth this is why I will be putting it on 2.0 cause I only have one hub with 4 3.0 ports and it can't support the band with information of 3 sensors


  • themaluxisthemaluxis Posts: 1
    You maybe have problem with USB intensity. Too much usb plugged on your motherboard can ask for too much intensity.
    Buy a USB 3.0 hub, with a power it fixed my USB disconnections :)
    I bought this, it work well

  • falken76falken76 Posts: 2,901 Valuable Player
    I bought the Inatek card and I split the Rift up between the onboard USB and the Inatek card.  It works great.  When I tried to use either all the ports on the motherboard or all the ports on the Inatek card, it had problems, but split between the two fixed it.
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