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NEW FACTION: AEGIS now available and DF is 1-year-old! (Update notes for November 14th update)

HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 200 High Voltage Software
edited November 2017 in Dragon Front
NEW FACTION ALERT! AEGIS is here with over +65 new cards, new combat traits, and tons of new strategy. Play now or find out more about the faction at

Dragon Front is 1 year old! Celebrate with us on the battlefield!

Rift: Gear: Facebook Gameroom:

• Dragon Front is 1 year old!
• NEW FACTION: Aegis with 65+ new cards to collect! Get it in the game store now!
• New bundles available in the store
    o Faction Recon Pack (Save 17%)
        - 1 Faction, 10 Boosters, Stencil Mask for Chosen Faction
    o Rapid Deployment Bundle (Save 30%)
        - 3 Factions, 10 Boosters
    o Full Invasion Bundle (Save 45%)
        - All 8 Factions, 50 Boosters, All Stencil and Unaligned Masks, 35 Keys, FLOURISH limited edition card
• Dual Faction Champion releasing! Get a new one once a week!
    o This week is M’rhythas Shae (7 of 21)
        - Thorns and Delirium
        - 3 power/ 5 health
        - SPAWN: Destroy all non-Champion enemies in this lane and Respawn them as 0/1 Jellies. SURVIVOR: Gain +2 Power or +2 Health at random.
    o Dual Champion Season Pass available. Never miss a weekly release!
• Stencil and Unaligned masks can now be purchased with gold!
• Fixed bug that did not award gold for the first win of the day after hitting the gold limit the previous day.
• Fixed bugs that allowed players to get flash sales for already purchased items.
• Fix for Shadows of the Forest giving only one mana when dying to Destruction
• Fix for issue with Hollow Harvesters giving mana when an ally unit is in enemy territory in the same lane.

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