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CroakerworksCroakerworks Posts: 1
i can’t get the display running on oculus dk2 after reinstalling it. I’ve tried with the old driver and the new. Is the dk2 no longer supported?


  • Meat_ManMeat_Man Posts: 117
    Make sure you download drivers for both the DK2 and your PC components.  It also depends on what you are attempting to play on the DK2, many games aren't supported.    
  • sbdykessbdykes Posts: 74
    Hiro Protagonist
    You might want to check out this thread and see if it applies to your setup:

  • zappa2zappa2 Posts: 9
    edited November 2017
    Also had a black screen on freshly installed Windows 10 (older X58 mobo,  R9 290 VGA)

    Did the following steps and after that it worked:
    - Uninstalled the Oculus driver
    (also remove the Oculus folder in program files and any registry entries with "Oculus")
    - Move the headsets' USB connector from my USB 3.0 expansion card into an USB 2.0 port
    - Reboot
    - Reinstalled Oculus software as an administrator

    In General my experience with Windows 10 is that you have to fiddle a bit and uninstall/reinstall several times before it works.  You can also try to connect the Oculus HDMI directly to HDMI port on your VGA card and not via converter. 
    Also had to uninstall/reinstall various times for my sound card. 

    Just moved to win 10. Not impressed so far by the installation process for hardware devices.  Feels very buggy.
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