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Why does my 1050 Ti Graphics Card run the game so slow?

Corey2baseCorey2base Posts: 1
My friend bought an Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers and he has a Desktop Computer with a 970 Graphics Card. Well, I tried it out and I decided to buy one and I did. Well, I hooked everything up and got into the tutorial and it was super laggy as if the FPS was like 5-10. So I did a ton of research and apparently, it should work? So just to give a reference if anyone wants to help, here are my specs: i7 Intel Core, GTX 1050 Ti Graphics Card (128-bit), 15.9GB RAM, I also have an ASUS GL553VE Gaming Laptop. If you have any more questions or solutions to help, please get back to me! And I'm not really sure how these forums work so here's my email as well: [email protected]


  • flexy123flexy123 Posts: 793
    edited November 2017
    How much memory does the GXTX1050 have?
    The GTX1050, despite being a "newer" card is actually WORSE than the old GTX970. Although it shouldn't get as super laggy as you describe, but still it's a card which is BARE MINIMUM, if at all, for VR.

    There is also a chance you plugged the Rift in wrong. The Rift AND your monitor must be connected to your GPU, the Rift to the cards' HDMI port and the monitor also to the card. If no free HDMI port ON THE CARD after plugging the Rift, then use an adapter or using a monitor cable...but you must connect the monitor also to the card/GPU in some way.

    Do NOT plug *anything* into any other HDMI port on the back of your PC, since this is the internal graphics card of your intel i7.

    Also, make sure your Nvidia drivers are updated.

  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,593
    Project 2501
    flexy123 said:
    How much memory does the GXTX1050 have?

    He's got the GTX1050 "ti", with 4 Gb (Oculus lists it as minimum spec.)
    His monitor won't plug in anywhere, because it's an ASUS GL553VE Gaming Laptop.

    @Corey2base ..... laptops can be very problematic. Yours is not labelled VR ready, so you might need to do tons more research.

    i5 6600k - GTX1060 - 8GB RAM - Rift CV1 + 3 Senors - 0 PROBLEMS 1 minor problem
    Dear Oculus, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", please.

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