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Pssst, you can get 60% off my games on Oculus Home, I think it's supposed to be a secret

jumblijumbli Posts: 236 Oculus Start Member
My games, Dimensional and The Relentless, are on sale with a 60% discount right now together with many more.

To find the sale items all you have to do is:
Browse the Current promotions section or filter the sections by items on sale or say "Hey Oculus, games on sale" - wishful thinking.
Regularly expand the Browse All section (don't browse the main categories like Games - they exclude all the gallery apps so you miss tons of content) and then browse through every title in the store.

Also, someone was kind enough to set up:

Meanwhile on Steam:
The "Specials" section lists all the games on sale.
Users that come across games that interest them add them to their wishlist.
Steam lets users know when a title they may want is on sale.
All developers have a fair chance of reaching customers.
Customers get to take advantage of the deals on offer.

I get that Oculus Home is a curated platform and I think that's a good idea, but making it so hard to find content on sale is a disservice to developers and not customer friendly.
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