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Black screen with audio in Oculus Video App

greetings, I noticed yesterday my Oculus Video App will no longer display video, only a black screen with audio. A few weeks back it began being wonky with the 360 videos in the video app by displaying them as the cube format but not lined up so it was not immersive not there is not video at all only audio. the menu portion works where i can see the thumb nails of the videos on offer, and I scrolled back several weeks to videos which I knew had worked before but am only getting black screen on those as well. I have uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled the app still same issue, local videos play ok, it appears to only be the streaming videos that are effected at this time. Thanks a bunch for any insight into what to try to clear this up.


  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 4,719 Valuable Player

    Exactly the same here, been having increasing number of problems with Oculus Video. Was working ok a few days ago except some of the Videos didn't display properly... appeared to be the cube-mapped examples like you say e.g. the Game of Thrones title sequence video.

    Now all videos are black, tried uninstalling ffdshow which was a recent install but made no difference. Whirligig plays all videos ok though. So appears to be a problem with this app.

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  • whatisbestinlifewhatisbestinlife Posts: 9
    Whirligig works fine for me, and star vr player, go pro player, etc. but I did notice now in the Oculus app, it no longer recognizes locally stored videos in "myvideos" or in any other folder I map to, so I'm updating my status to, it pretty much does nothing now, other than give me a cool movie theater launch pad.
  • whatisbestinlifewhatisbestinlife Posts: 9
    FYI, issue cleared itself 
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