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Wider CV1 faceplate for sale ?

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,275
edited November 2017 in Support
Since the CV1 faceplate is removable, and the CV1 is here to stay for another ~2 years, how about selling an optional wider faceplate for it ?

Because buying a pair of narrow VR glasses only fixes the faceplate problem for the single CV1 owner, while buying a wider faceplate would fix the faceplate problem for a whole lot more people around him.


  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,275
    edited November 2017
    Instead of having two different faceplates for sale, an advanced version of the CV1 faceplate could be almost identical to the current one but with a wire frame on each of it's sides (at the height of glass branches), on which you could either clip back a plastic piece with foam on each side to make it completely identical to the current faceplate, or leave out those two plastic clips to achieve the widest possible faceplate size for fitting glass branches through.

    The CV1 faceplate has the least room for glass branches I'm aware of in the 300$-1000$ price range : How about not waiting until the CV2 to upgrade it into one which has the most room for glass branches ?

    Even for shops and VR demonstration booths : If you only had enough time and room to demonstrate one VR headset, what are the odds you would chose to demonstrate the one with the least room for glass branches, when Google is telling you that most of your country's population wears glasses, and when width can still be an issue even on the widest available VR headsets ?
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