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Oculus Rift HDMI not connecting through Adapters

xDavidPLxDavidPL Posts: 1
I bought a Oculus a few days ago and HDMI for the Oculus is not being detected on my PC. 
Running an MSI R9 390. I have my monitor HDMI connected to a DVI adapter, and my Oculus connected to a DisplayPort adapter. 
Even when I switch the two, the Oculus is not detected during setup. The USB is detected however. 
I do have one HDMI input in my GPU, however it seems not to work with either, I believe it was damaged when I initially tried to plug in the Oculus HDMI in to it. 

I tried the headset on a friend's gaming laptop, and the HDMI is detected on there. However, once you go farther in the setup, I am met with a black screen in the headset, with audio playing in the headphones. This may be because he is running a GTX 970M, however the Oculus Hardware check, says the laptop is VR Ready. 

So I'm not sure exactly what the problem is. I updated and reinstalled my drivers, and nothing works. 
Anyone have any idea what to do?


  • ynotplayynotplay Posts: 5
    i wouldnt worry too much about your mates laptop not powering the rift. i have the same problem on my 970m laptop with the hdmi port making it go black screen right at the end of the setup (when everything else works fine). You need to use a hdmi to mini display port adapter (and only certain 4k adapters work as well) - I used this £5.99 adapter and i got it running on my laptop fine after that.
    As for you PC not powering it, it could be the same issue... maybe your display port isnt pushing 90hz 2k to the rift maybe... or maybe the adapter you have to take it from displayport to hdmi is just an incompatible one (seen plenty of those before). if you cant send it back and dont have any mates with a spare hdmi port, then i guess that 5.99 adapter could help you out (dont worry, its not an affiliate link or anything, im just trying to help out as i had similar issues on my asus g751J laptop).
  • ynotplayynotplay Posts: 5
    edited December 2017
    edit- just realised its actually 10.99... swear i bought that cheaper....
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Have you submitted a support ticket?
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