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Multiple Threads on the Same Subject

DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,701 Volunteer Moderator

I have respectful request for my fellow forum users.

Before creating a thread, can you please do a quick search to see if a thread on that subject already exists before you create a new one?

The jitters problem is a prime example. I understand if you want to emphasise your problem and you think a new thread is a way to highlight the issue.... but it's really not helpful in finding a solution. Many people have tried solutions, found they work, posted about the solution... and it just gets lost because there are so many threads to look though.

And even if that solution doesn't work, it's much easier to discount it and establish the correct solution when it's contained in the same thread. At the very least, it's so much easier to track down a common cause... or more likely the combination of causes when you can follow a single thread which everyone can contribute to.

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