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My Oculus Rift is laggy and it's hanging on me when I do something different.

darkstar826darkstar826 Posts: 11
edited December 2017 in General
I don't know if Oculus Home did a update, but half of my games is either hanging on me for 2 or 3 sec(it's when I switch my weapons, selecting stuff in the menu or travel to a new location) or the Oculus hands & HMD movement is jittery. Also, I'm starting to see this wave effect(I think is the ASW) when I move my head or hands around. This never happen to me before, so what's going on? I can't even play anymore because I get sick playing Oculus games.

I think is something to do Oculus Home because on SteamVR(when I disable Oculus Home). Onward, The Gallery - Episode 1 & 2 and Rec Room works fine.  All 3 of these games have Oculus SDK build in, but I don't use it because it mess me up mentally.  Can it be my hardware or this is a software issue? Like I said... This was working fine before. 

My specs :
Intel I5 6500 3.2GHZ
ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 Turbo-GTX1060-6GB
Kingston hyperx 8gb ddr4
H170 Pro4S
Coolmax 700w power supply

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