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Quadrupling (or more) the VR size of your real room : House scale VR ?

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,277
edited December 2017 in General
When my 1x1 sized mouse pad feels too small, I do something very simple : I change my mouse's DPI setting, to make the game pad seem four times bigger (2 times wider x 2 times taller).

And that got me thinking : Why not do the same thing in VR, by ~doubling the amount of walking you produce, which would transform a 1x1 room into a 2x2 room scale VR experience ?

And while I'm at it, my ceiling mounted VR cable keeps getting entangled in 360° VR, and my real life body rotation speed feels sluggish in VR anyway, so why not also double or even quadruple my body rotation in VR, to increase my VR rotation speed while also significantly reducing my cable entanglement in 360° room scale VR ?

I believe the motion sickness issues would hold out, because you're still moving your body in the right direction (no disconnection).

Maybe someone could take some time and have some fun implementing these two mechanics into a small Unity project, if only as a proof of concept, which basically consists in managing a separate set of coordinates that is relative to (double) the movement the real life body is doing, and then using that separate set of coordinates (instead of using the player's coordinates) to place Unity's floating camera, as you would do in a third person VR game ?

The more ambitious project (which somehow I doubt Oculus VR would ever implement at the driver level, for whatever reason), would be to create a mod that can double your movement amplitude in ~any room scale application, which this time would require you to constantly teleport (without any visual effects) the VR avatar to that separate set of coordinates you are managing, which would result in a free locomotion effect, at double the speed of your body movements.

Because once ~everyone has access to a wide enough room scale (imagine multiplying your 1x1 sized room to 2x2, or even 4x4 room scale), then it becomes more viable to create applications (games) for wide room scale, and from there linking an infinite number of wide VR rooms is as simple as asking the user to turn around when he reaches a virtual door (which also corresponds to your room's border), which could be done by replacing the door with a lift (which you can use to switch floor, and can only exit by turning your body around).

If you want to imagine what it would feel like without coding a single line, imagine drawing a plan of your own house (the first floor) on the whole surface of your current VR space, and being able to walk your VR avatar around your own house (as if it was a flying drone), by you walking on the plan you just drew on the floor : Basically if you walk 4 times slower then you usually would in your house (by taking quarter-steps instead of full steps), you've multiplied your 1x1=1 room size to 4x4=16 virtual room size, at which point it's no longer about room scale VR as much as it becomes about house scale VR...

Or you could stick to 2x2 and room scale, in which case you only have to walk half steps instead of quarter steps, to explore the single VR room that is 2x2=4 times bigger then your real room.

Now of course you can cheat by taking a full step to go through virtual walls and stuff : But guess what, you can already cheat like that in VR even without extending your room scale, so that's just something the application must prevent as most VR applications are already doing (by not allowing your avatar to walk through a virtual wall).

Also make sure you close your door first, because even in VR you will NEVER have looked so silly then when performing those quarter steps around your room. Because if nobody told you before : The better the VR mechanic, the more silly it looks :)

PS : As for long range teleportation between distant locations, you could just press a controller button to display a ~flat world map under your feet (in VR) the size of your room, walk straight to another location on that map, and simply release your controller button to teleport there (no thumbstick needed).

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