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Stutter and high CPU load

mnicklisch89mnicklisch89 Posts: 3

I have bought the OR a while ago and I have severe performance problems with it. Sometimes everything runs fine and smooth, but sometimes I am not able to do anything with it at all.

The problem is mostly the same everytime, head and controller tracking works fine and smooth, but the sound and picture is extremely stuttering.
I mostly play GORN, Mission ISS, Lightblade VR, Project Cars and Lone Echo. Sometimes I can play an hour straight (yesterday Lone Echo) but at some point, performance has gone, the sound started to stutter and after that the game too, to a point where it's unplayable. While playing, before and while stuttering, the CPU load is roughly between 50 and 70%, while stuttering it peaks at 90%. GPU load varies, but not really high load. But sometimes, I start the Oculus application and have the stuttering right away, without even starting a game, just the home screen. Gorn I can mostly start and it runs smooth, but after 2 minutes, it starts glitching out heavily, sound and display stuttering extremely. Most of the time I have to start the computer completely to be able to play again.

My specs are as followed:
Intel i5-6500
GTX 1070Ti
16 GB RAM DDR-4 2133
Asus H170-Pro Gaming

I understand that the i5 is not a high end CPU, but I should be well within recommended specs to use it and should at least be able to see the home screen without any problems.
I had some problems during install. Sometimes the sensors could not be found and I got the warning that a USB update is recommended. I did that and and plugged the sensors and the rift directly into the USB slots (USB 3) on my mainboard instead using those on the case. Also had some problems with sensor placement, but I fixed that during setup. Problem is I only play in front of my desk, which is about 1.5m wide, but like I've said, the tracking works fine, even when stuttering (with occasional drop outs when it's stuttering)

Because of the audio stutter, I had the suspicion that my USB audio interface (ASIO drivers) I mainly use for my PC audio (switching between that and the rift audio device in the windows playback settings) may be the problem, but I also have this problem when the interface is diconnected.

I also thought that it may be a problem that I have the Oculus application and the games installed to a HDD instead of an SSD, but during play, the HDD load is neglectable. I also have all my non VR games on that HDD and all of them run fine.

Do you have any idea what could be the problem or how I could find the problem?

Thanks in advance.


  • mnicklisch89mnicklisch89 Posts: 3
    Also forgot to mention I switched off the option to deactive the usb devices to save power in the windows options, my energy saving profile is set to maximum performance and the GPU drivers are up to date.
  • mnicklisch89mnicklisch89 Posts: 3
    I attached the log from the log gatherer, lots of errors it seems...
  • UBSERDUBSERD Posts: 356
    Nexus 6
    I’m there with you man. I was hoping the rift core 2.0 would’ve fixed issues but just made it worse for me with even more stutter and usb disconnects and computer freezing. Went back to the current oculus firmware and the good July updating and getting better performance less usb disconnects with annoying jitters. It’s still running better than rift core 2.0 for me.
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