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Extensions: How do you hook up your Oculus to your rig?

DmArkanoidDmArkanoid Posts: 1
edited February 28 in Support
I recently got my Oculus and i have been hipped to set up room scale. But i have already come to many issues... The biggest on being using a HDMI cable extension; this resulted in drop of frames and the occasional black out... the solution i have so far is using a HDMI repeater but its bulky and annoying to set up.. my sensor set up is perfect for the moment but i would like more use of the IO instead of every single 3.0 port being taken up (i know its bad but if anyone knows any amazing 3.0 USB hubs that be awesome too). I have recently been noticing people using DP cables as their extension. So now i am more curious then i have ever been about extension cables. So my question is "what are your cable options and decisions you made so that you can experience room scale better?"
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