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Guardian Grid is overly sensitive in Core 2.0

Perk_Perk_ Posts: 1
Since the new Beta, the Guardian Grid is popping up WAY too often.  Anytime I get the headset or either controller within two feet of an edge it pops up.  This does bad things to immersion and unfortunately causes vertigo.   I'd rather not completely turn the grid off so I don't accidentally knock things over (again), but I'd like it to only pop up when I actually come into contact with it.  Is there any way to adjust the sensitivity in a config file etc?


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 4,071 Power Poster
    I agree. I’ve got a somewhat small play space, so my Guardian walls were constantly lit up. I eventually turned them off, but I wouldn’t want to play SuperHot or Echo Arena that way. A sensitivity adjustment would be nice. 
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  • SkScotcheggSkScotchegg Posts: 523
    I turned it off.
  • Beer_MonstaBeer_Monsta Posts: 8
    Same here had to turn it off so limiting what I can play without punching walls, window, monitor etc.
  • BeastyBaiterBeastyBaiter Posts: 704 Poster of the Week
    Yeah it's a bit nuts, think I might rollback to the release version because of it. If I have my arms at my side, its fine but the instant I reach out in any direction, the walls pop up even though I'm not very close to them at all. The old wall sensitivity was much better, this one is pretty much useless and very irritating.
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