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Steamvr instantly closes and isn't working

MalibluuMalibluu Posts: 1
edited December 2017 in Games and Apps
So I've been able to breifly play in SteamVR after being helped before, but whenever I try to play now the SteamVR pops up and detects everything and VR Home never launches. When I launch a game directly the game launches and flashes up in the headset but then the windows sound of something being connected/disconnected plays and the headset goes black, SteamVR closes. This only happens on SteamVR, I can play through Oculus fine. This also happens when launching Steam games through Oculus.
It also says my HDMI is disconnected (It's not and the cable is plugged all the way into the headset) when I try to launch Oculus after.
I also have Oculus set as run as administrator as guided to before.

I have no idea what's causing these problems and have tried all solutions I've found. Any help would be much appreciated!
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