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Fallout 4 VR is Here. Free locomotion is an option



  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 14,879 Valuable Player
    Those are projections from 2015, they aren't real stats.

    The VR Market is real, which is the main point. Steam Surveys do not represent the VR Market, that's the secondary point. Try to miss less points.
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  • BeastyBaiterBeastyBaiter Posts: 807
    Using fake data to make a point doesn't help you make a point, unless you're making a point about fake data. Besides, I never said the PCVR market isn't real, it absolutely is real. Over 100k DK2's were sold to the flight and race sim communities, of which I am apart. Oculus, Vive and WMR could all vanish tomorrow and PCVR would live on. There is a demand and somebody would step in to fill it even if all the current players call it quits. I don't see that happening, I'm just saying that even if it did, PCVR wouldn't go away.
  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 14,879 Valuable Player
    edited December 2017
    Using fake data to make a point doesn't help you make a point, unless you're making a point about fake data.

    All statistical predictions are "fake" since they are merely predictions, but they do not in themselves invalidate any point. Quite the contrary. You just don't seem to understand how statistics work. More importantly, the statistics were never a point of contention here.

    I never said the PCVR market isn't real

    That is exactly what you are arguing when you made the above statement. According to you, the market isn't real because someone made statistical predictions about it.

    Besides, you don't seem to have a problem using fake data to make a point:

    I just wrote a basic raytracer program for a computer graphics class in C++. Care to guess how many lines of code it took to make the resolution and aspect ratio changable? The answer is 3, just 3 lines of code.

    Those 3 lines of code you plagiarized in your class has you on this forum acting like you understand what it takes to increase Resolution across a VR Platform. That is the most absurd use of fake data I've seen next to Atmos trying to use a Steam Survey's Statics to prove a point about Global VR Market sales.

    Your attempt to derail the discussion seems to be falling flat. My point remains simple: The VR Market is real, which is why people try to make predictions about it. My link illustrates that point just fine.

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  • DNACowboyDNACowboy Posts: 180
    edited December 2017
    nalex66 said:
    Okay, major breakthrough for control mapping. The guy who made OpenVR InputEmulator released an update with two fixes specifically for using Touch with Fallout4VR; he's eliminated the deadzone for clicking the thumbstick, and he's added a function to ignore thumbstick movement if there is no capacitive contact on the stick, so you can flick it to move down a menu list.

    The flicking is still finicky, but the removal of the deadzone is a huge improvement. This change allowed me to map the grip buttons to emulate the trackpad press, which means that I can now pick up physics-enabled items by grabbing with the grip button like a proper VR game!! This also allows you to 'walk' down a menu list by moving the stick, then holding the grip to keep your position when you release the stick (instead of snapping back up to the top). It also makes the Favorites menu much more usable--grab the grip and it appears, and move the stick without having to press it in to equip an item.

    I moved the default grip functions (reload/grenade and crouch/Pipboy light) to the unused X/A buttons, which to my mind works just as well.

    The Reddit thread discussing it is here. You can download the version of InputEmulator with the Oculus fix here (download the one called OpenVR-InputEmulator_v1.1_oculusfix1.exe).

    When you run the EXE, it will integrate the input emulator into SteamVR. It's pretty easy to use, you just create a profile and select the controllers, go to the analog remapping page of the joystick axis (Axis0) and enable "Ignore Snap To Neutral Position" and/or "Button Press Deadzone Fix". If you also want to do my grip button remapping, remap Grip to Axis0, and remap Button_A to Grip for each controller.

    Edit: There's a bit of a bug in this version where the analog remapping doesn't save to the profile, so currently I'm having to re-check them each time before launching the game. I'm sure that'll get fixed soon.
    Well done you and thanks for the effort!
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  • LuciferousLuciferous Posts: 2,274 Valuable Player
    edited December 2017
    So in summary its a poor VR effort at a rip off price, only though if you already paid for FO4 in the first place. However already a number of mods are out and at least the future is brighter thanks to the modding community and who knows with a bit of luck Bethesda patch fixes.

    I'll just sit back in my rocking chair and hum to myself until its ready.

    (on a different note is Neo to 3Jane really a promotion lol. trying to work out if i have watched the Matrix film more times then I have read Neuromancer)
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