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how to restore apps without re-downloading them ?

ssm2017ssm2017 Posts: 4
i have reinstalled the oculus software.
before reinstalling, i have backed up the old folders.
after installation, the oculus app is telling me that i have apps in my library but they are not installed (i can see the list in the d:/Oculus Apps/Manifests folder).
i then copy paste an old app folder like : oculus-quill to the folder d:/Oculus Apps/Software/oculus-quill but it does nothing more (the app is still telling me that the apps is not installed).
note : before copying the oculus-quill folder, i have closed the oculus app and then stopped the osvrservice.

question : is there a way to reuse my old app files without the need to download them again ?

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  • ssm2017ssm2017 Posts: 4
    edited December 2017 Accepted Answer
    thank you MadMax1998 for your attention but this link did not solve my issue because i had a different setup that i have not seen before.

    i do not know why (maybe the fault of the the software "oculus mover") but my apps were stored in 2 locations :
    - d:/Oculus Apps/Software/Software
    and inside this one :
    - d:/Oculus Apps/Software/Software/Oculus game/Software/Software

    so i have taken all the files (json) from :
    - d:/Oculus Apps/Software/Software/Oculus game/Software/Manifests
    to the new "Manifests" one replacing other files
    and then took all the folders from :
    - d:/Oculus Apps/Software/Software/Oculus game/Software/Software
    to the new "Software" folder replacing other files

    and now it looks fine :smile:
    when going to the library on the desktop it told me that it needs to update some files and few minutes later i could recover the apps.


  • SharkkAttaxxSharkkAttaxx Posts: 6
    you fix that by sticking a hdmi into you computer and your oculus and go to
  • MadMax1998MadMax1998 Posts: 51
    Hiro Protagonist
    Ignoring the troll above, here is the Oculus-recommended way (which works, even if it's a little cumbersome):

  • kanpaariskanpaaris Posts: 2
    Ignoring the troll above, here is the Oculus-recommended way (which works, even if it's a little cumbersome):

    I've also tried this on a number of occasions and all that seems to happen is that the app goes through a process of 'installing' for a minute or so, finally reaching 100% before telling me that it isn't installed and to download it.  

    Really quite frustrating as there seems to be no answer to this meaning lengthy downloads again.. sigh.
  • falken76falken76 Posts: 2,885 Valuable Player
    I recently re-installed and didn't have to re-download anything.  During setup I just pointed to the directory where I had installed the games, once install was complete all my games were back.  In the old days before they would idiot proof software, you could make a simple setting change in most software that would tell it what directory path to look in for files.  Oculus doesn't allow you to change the path after install.  The only way to "change" the path is to completely re-install the software and tell it where to install games during setup.  Why do they not allow you to select a path at any other time? I assume they're afraid they'll have too many support tickets for something that simple.
  • kanpaariskanpaaris Posts: 2
    Agreed falken76.  Sadly I've tried that as well making sure they point to my mechanical storage but it's still mugging me off. I'm contemplating moving the contents away, starting the download again and moving files back simultaneously to see if I can trick it.  Worth a shot.
  • christothepexchristothepex Posts: 2
    edited March 13
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