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Problem with the Oculus Rift DK2

Rodri910Rodri910 Posts: 1
So today, my DK2 arrived. I've been guiding through some info on internet and to be honest, was a pain in the a**. Oculus Home was laggy, it wasn't running great at all. SteamVR didn't even recognize it at first, but then I figured out how. (Despite of the fact that SteamVR Home is still not working)
For some reason, (I don't even know what I did), Oculus Home started to work properly, everything was fine with it, and so smooth, I was enjoying it. 
I wanted to try some Demos, so I tried to install the 0.8 version to switch between both versions... And then I had to reinstall EVERYTHING. And now, I'm at the first point. Oculus Home is laggy. It looks like something is not configured properly. I'm so pissed
Someone knows a solution or what could it be? 
Thank you so much guys
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