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My Grappling Hooks experience in VR

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,277
So a year ago I purchased Redswood VR (a cheap but unfinished mess that has probably been long abandoned) : It was the fastest and best grappling hook experience I ever had.

I also tried the demo of a game (forgot the name, sorry), where you could race through a tunnel with a pair of grappling hooks : Not as good as the Redswood grappling hook, but still good.

I also tried the SwingStar grappling hook : It was harder to control and less satisfying to use, but I guess it's on purpose as part of the gameplay that it's grappling hook is more challenging and less fun to use.

And this year I finally gave Windlands, the reference, a go : It was slower then Redswood grappling hook, less satisfying to use, and I also got motion sick in a few minutes (despite using the cage and dots options to reduce the motion sickness, that wasn't available and I couldn't use in the 3 other titles). Also it was tedious to go through the level, compared to the freedom of being able to roam around in every direction in Redswood VR.

So unfortunately turns out that my most satisfying favorite grappling hook title by far (more speed, more freedom, more enjoyable, no motion sickness...), which is Redswood VR, is also the one with the less content and most unlikely to get content added : 2 levels (the first one doesn't even use the Grappling Hook yet) and you're done, with their total length depending on how much you get lost (because of how much freedom you have to roam around).

Which (other) grappling hook titles did you try ?
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