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Suggestion for a user made CV1 mod : Cable entanglement counter

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,277
edited December 2017 in General
With (affordable and high battery life) wireless VR headsets still being some time away... there's still plenty of room for wired PC headsets, including the ceiling cable management variety.

My suggestion would be for someone with the skills to create an overlay mod for the CV1, that shows the user how many times he has turned in the same direction.

This could be something like a long thin horizontal bar made of horizontal empty rectangles that is displayed slightly out of view at the bottom of the CV1 screen, with a status bar that starts out in the middle and fills up (or unfills) those empty horizontal rectangles (to the left, or to the right, from the central starting point) at the rate of one full rectangle for each 360° player turn...

It could also be just an extending horizontal arrow that's increasingly extending right or left from the center, or even just a number really (positive or negative, with a different color for each). Also when the cable entanglement is low, it could remain invisible.

This would be useful even for 180° VR, as a quick reminder of exactly where the front side is.

So instead of getting the cable entangled until you have no choice but to stop playing to remove the headset and undo a big cable mess... You would just take a quick peek down at that bottom CV1 overlay from time to time (specially when you feel the cable entanglement is starting to bother you, or when you lost track of where the front facing sensors are), and can keep the cable at it's minimum entanglement at all times (where it's the most comfortable to wear), and optionally also keep the front sensors tracking at their optimal (instead of suddenly getting a big fat immersion breaking in-game reminder in your face, that you've stopped facing the front sensors in 180° games and need to turn around).

Would be even better if Oculus VR directly included it with their Guardian Wall (including an on/off setting), but I can't help thinking it would take them a few years to do that (if ever).

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