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Intermittent sound in right headphone whilst fine in left

m.a.searlem.a.searle Posts: 1
i have a rift, bought yesterday, and all but the right headphone works fine. I have checked my audio is set to rift audio, it has the dvd sampling rate set, might try cd sampling. When I move the headphone it sometimes come to life and then disappears when I move my head. It feels like a broken wire or loose connection issue rather than software. Any advice??


  • FastForward352FastForward352 Posts: 176
    I had the same problem, and I discovered that my left headphone sometimes unscrews on its own, it's sometimes just simple as that...
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  • bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 4,198 Valuable Player
    Ditto. After maybe 18 months on Thursday night my left headphone started cutting out. I was worried however 2 mins with a screw driver tightening up fixed it
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  • klrichardsklrichards Posts: 3
    I also had the same problem with the left audio. Tried fast forwards suggestion of tightening the screw and it fixed it. Cool. Love the rift so far
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