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App Suggestions

FOXX5FOXX5 Posts: 5

I'm new to the community and my Oculus will be in hand on Christmas. I wanted some suggestions on what the best Sci-fi space games available for Oculus are.

I also I'm looking for experiencing all the amazing tourist sites all over the world in 360 video. Like Grand Canyon, Egypt pyramids, Tokyo Japan, Statue of liberty and so on. I want to enjoy the sights and sounds of these places like as if I was there. Is there a app for this?


  • shiarishiari Posts: 191
    Try Google Earth VR for the amazing tourist sites. 360 video would only disappoint you.

    Best space games: Lone Echo, Echo Arena, Elite: Dangerous ... but others might have other favourites as well.
  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 8,052 Valuable Player
    edited December 2017
    Loads of space/sci-fi games that are excellent. The ones that @shiari has mentioned as well as Adr1ft, Arktika.1, From Other Suns,The Assembly all from the Oculus Store Doom 3 BFG VR Mod, Alien Isolation VR Mod, POLLEN and The Solus Project from Steam.
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  • FOXX5FOXX5 Posts: 5

    That's disappointing to think that there are no good 360 videos of tourist hotspots. Are they low quality or nonexistent?

    Thank you for your space suggestions. I have bought Lone Echo, Elite: Dangerous, Adr1ft, and Arktika.1 that should get me started.

  • shiarishiari Posts: 191
    360 video in general just isn't very good, you need a LOT of pixels to cover the entire 360 (plus up and down) to a level that you get a reasonably sharp image even on a relatively low pixel density Rift or Vive. Lot of pixels means more expensive cameras, bigger file sizes, etc. Most 360 video is thus of poor quality. I'm not saying there isn't any quality 360 video, it's just hard to come by and tourist spots wouldn't be the first thing to jump to mind for it.
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