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Issues GearVR / Oculus Home on S7 Edge after latest update

roosterduderoosterdude Posts: 11

I think Oculus Home updated in the last 24 hours and I now a number of issues....

Firstly the GearVR controller lost pairing and needed to be re-paired.  No huge issue, but I know the mantra at Oculus is the best user experience possible... losing pairing on the Bluetooth controller is annoying.
Secondly I can now no longer open the Oculus Browser via Oculus Home Icon for it... Oculus Home crashes.  The browser can only be opened by selecting it from the Oculus app outside of VR.  Just before it crashes the whole Oculus home gets "stuck to your face".
There is a new Settings --> Show All option.. clicking that crashes Oculus home too.
The Oculus Home app has crashed a number of times after simply removing the GearVR headset then coming back to it (eg unpausing). 

Lastly...performance seems to have degraded somewhat in Oculus home with tearing and apparently missed frames (eg whole of Oculus home appears stuck to your face for a second or so).   I re-iterate this is on S7 Edge.  I've not tested on S7 yet as the device I have hasn't yet updated to the latest Oculus Home (despite just demanding that I update the GearVR runtimes... I guess Oculus A/B test updates?).  I don't have an S8 to test this on yet.

Cheers - Mark


  • roosterduderoosterdude Posts: 11
    edited December 2017
    The S7 Edge device isn't on the "GearVR public Test Channel".

    Version of the Oculus App is: (84320662).

    GearVR service reports following versions....

    Oculus VR: / 82668109 / com.oculus.home
    Oculus System Activities / 1.19.0-83821834 / 83821834
    Oculus App Runtime / 2.8.33 / 84299010 / com.oculus.vrshell
    Oculus Home: 3.32.31 / 84318710 / com.oculus.vrshell.home <-- strangely this reports different to the actual Oculus App.

  • roosterduderoosterdude Posts: 11
    So do i assume that no-one else is seeing any issues with the latest update?

    VR on GearVR for me has gone from being awesome to being a truly awful experience.... lots of apps crash and invariably crash Oculus home now when launched.

    I'm finding it really hard to believe I'm the only one affected by this.
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